Give the Mac, the bird

Posted by: hKzKnight

Give the Mac, the bird - 04/01/02 07:43 PM

Nice title right? It was made by Max Linux like 2 yrs ago. I don't know how many of you guys are Mac users, however they are power machines. I know, the Mac os isn't so favorable. It is greatly limited for gamers to. However the power is amazing on some of the Macs, also they are very stylized. However what if you can put Linux on that machine? Is it possible? Yes it is! You can do it, replace that silly Mac OS with Linux. There are plenty of how-tos out there on the net (so I think). However, I am thinking of putting one up, after I get my kbase writings on my way. What do you guys think? Did you know Mac is already slightly ahead of the game? The new Mac OS is called Mac OS X. The new OS is based of Unix. It still is a mac, looks it, runs it. However there is a more "xwindows" (the GUI of Linux) look and feel to the Mac OS X then any other Mac OS. Not to mention is uses a Linux file system, and has a console. Neat right? However, someone like me rather replace it with true Linux. Catch ya later, have a good night.
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Re: Give the Mac, the bird - 04/01/02 08:51 PM

I've got Linux Red Hat 7.2, its nice, first UNIX/LINUX OS I've ever used, btw Microsoft is working w/ some other company to produce another OS which does wat Mac OS X did, but better lol.
Posted by: AK

Re: Give the Mac, the bird - 04/01/02 09:35 PM

OS X uses the a BSD kernel. I'm not sure which one, free, net etc.
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Re: Give the Mac, the bird - 04/01/02 09:51 PM

AK - im almost positive its FreeBSD. OS X is nice however, have used it, mainly for the terminal hehe
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Re: Give the Mac, the bird - 04/01/02 11:42 PM

Lets remember FreeBSD has some roots of Unix. It's nice, I was a bit surprised to see a small both, nothing big at the World Linux Expo(s). BTW Optical, I like Red Hat also. However I favor most, Mandrake. Windows XP was suppose to look a bit more like Linux, just maintain windows file systems etc. That is truth, I use to be good friends with someone in Microsoft. LOL, we use to have fights about Linux and Win... It will be very interesting to see what Microsoft puts out (like Mac OS x), however it would be frowned upon for sure. Please post more of what you guys think. Also about me making a kbase how-to for "give the mac, the bird" lol. Take care.
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Re: Give the Mac, the bird - 04/02/02 11:05 AM

lol MS + Linux = old, they tried that a few times, never heard too much word on if they ever got it worked out.
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Re: Give the Mac, the bird - 04/02/02 12:35 PM

windows + linux = lindows, i wonder what's up with that one, i never tried it
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Re: Give the Mac, the bird - 04/02/02 01:38 PM

Lindows, MS Linux, Windux (or Windex) heh..
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Re: Give the Mac, the bird - 04/02/02 03:02 PM

I think Microsoft has realized that they can't stop Linux or the Open-source movement. So I think in the next 2-4 years they will have to follow the saying "If you can't beat em, join em" an come out with their own version of linux for server oriented computers with easy set-up an powerfull office applications. I don't see them makin a *nix based Windows for home-users. The multimedia and 3D gaming support is just not quiet there yet.
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Re: Give the Mac, the bird - 04/02/02 03:43 PM

I have a funny windows box but with linux pic... Arg need to find it. However Microsoft has failed, they just don't understand. Microsoft is stuborn, they did say if can't beat em, join em... However they are still trying to beat em by joining them LOL. Well Microsoft makes linux products. They have put MS Word, IE, and other office apps on Linux. Nothing wrong with that. I don't know what I should think of that, to tell ya the truth. I do use those apps. I actully run Dual boot PCs also. I need Windows and apps. I'm not happy about such, however I have no choice for some games and game development tools. Yet no fear, slowly Linux will be just as easy to have then windows. Speaking of linux, everyone get a shirt from the UGN store. What times is it? ****, I'm late, I got a linux club meeting to go 2. No really I do. Enjoy the night.
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Re: Give the Mac, the bird - 04/02/02 04:02 PM

They were trying to hire Torvolds about 2 years ago to help them witha build, i think he had agreed, but I never really heard anything on it after that.