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Mac OS 9 · Archive Entries

Brutal Gift 3.5
Brutal Gift is a program coded by DCHKG, inspired by Forced Entry 2.0 (OS9). Actually it's a powerful ftp and pop3 brute force cracker. This means it is able to connect to a server and test a selected
Honey Pot X
HoneyPotX is an amazing network security program. Both inspired by MacPork and Lamer Finder, HoneyPotX checks for remote connection to your computer. HoneyPotX is able to counter strike your attacker
Mema 2.1
Mema is a powerful, fast, and destructive mail-bomber built for Mac OS X and being coded by DCHKG. Unlike other mail-bombers (like Team2600's Bomba), it waits for the remote smtp server's answers befo
Torrent 0.03
Torrent is a great newbie-friendly mail bomber that will send multiple e-mails to an address, appearing as they are from whoever you choose. It has a cool design and is very easy to use. It will send
Tsunami 0.4.4a
What more could someone want out of a port flooder, or should I say port utility because that's closer to what it actually is. This application is probably the most equipped and advanced port flooder
UGM Port Scanner 1.0 Beta
The very first application released by UGMPT, a very cool port scanner that will tell you the open ports in an IP address. Made by SnakeO, this is version 1.0, there will be more on the way. It's for
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