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Mema 2.1

Mema is a powerful, fast, and destructive mail-bomber built for Mac OS X and being coded by DCHKG.

Unlike other mail-bombers (like Team2600's Bomba), it waits for the remote smtp server's answers before sending any mail commands.

With mema, you are able to mail-bomb multiple email addresses and connect to multiple SMTP servers simultaneously.

mema opens up to 500 connections at the same time, and detects any time-out errors or misconnections in order to immediately reconnect the matching socket.

Author: DCHKG
Download: here (This file is hosted on our server)
Downloaded: 1,196 Times
Size: 2.11 MB
MD5: 44cf26394b62110131d17194a79f55f5
SHA1: 7c4aeee5ce4a9a28f98a4330c0382a5052e583ea
Posted on August 17th, 2008 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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