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Building your own External Hard Drive
I'm going to assume that you know the difference in how a USB and FireWire port look (as it's how you'll identify what you have for the TYPE of enclosure we'll be selecting). Our first step is selecti
Cleaning up after spyware
If you've happened to notice that you've gotten hit by spyware, the first step is cleaning the mess If you haven't noticed it yet, there may be something hidden on your system that you don't know of y
Configuring Bonjour in the Pidgin (GAIM) IM Client
Since version 2.0.2 of Pidgin for Windows Pidgin allows usage of the Bonjour protocol. In order for the option to display in the protocols dropdown in the configuration however you must install the Bo
Crack PS2 Parental Lock
**************************************************** **************************************************** *** Override Playstation II Parental Controls *** *** By Gizmo *** *** [email protected] **
Exploiting Windows File Shares
Exploiting windows file shares December 07, 2001 By Gizmo First if you know your victem has a home network, just get their ip address, this can often to as easy to /dns user on an irc server. If you d
How to create a hold box
******************************** ** ** ** How to create a hold box ** ** By Gizmo ** ** ** ******************************** December 18, 2001 Preface: I decided to make these plans when I was chilling
How to Open and Download Torrent Files
All .torrent files are is a list of information on the files that are to be downloaded and their location on the internet through a tracker server. When you open the file, you'd open it with a Torrent
How To Setup A Conference - ATT
********************************* ** How to setup a conference ** ** ** ** ** ** By Gizmo ** ********************************* November 7 2001 This tutorial is written for those who
How to Watch a DVD in Windows Media Player
You may have put a DVD into your computer and assumed that just because you have a DVD that you can simply open it in Windows Media Player, but have found that it'll give you an error or simply won't
Increasing Laptop Monitor Brightness
Today we've been asked, "how do I increase the screen brightness on my laptop?" Most laptops will have "power save" options configured to conserve your battery life; these settings can make your monit
Internet Connection Sharing - The Home Network
I've been asked, "Is there any way to share my internet connection and not get charged by my ISP to have multiple computers online?" Well, short and sweet, yes it's simple to share your internet conne
Maximizing your Rewards from
Not too long ago I wrote up a review here about the decent services from (URLs: Forum). Here, we're going to go into maximizing your earnings (getting more points, qualifying for more off
Safeguarding your Internet with Peer Guardian
Phoenix Labs publishes a tool called Peer Guardian which will filter incoming connections from "known bad hosts" (RIAA, MPAA, malware, spamware, etc) and deny them from connecting to your computer. It
Troubleshooting a "Disk Boot Failure" error
I received this DISK BOOT FAILURE - INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER error on my DVR system tonight, so I dove deep into troubleshooting the problem. The rough cause of the problem is that the syste
Upgrading or Adding a hard disk.
Adding a hard disk is a simple task for just about anyone Open your case, slide it into the ribbon (red line facing the power cable), slide it into the "holding bay" and power up However, identifying
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