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Windows · Article Entries

How to improve the stability of Windows Vista
I have found that Windows Vista is one of the more unstable operating systems, even for Microsoft. Not only is it unstable, it's slow, and a lot of products do not work with it. The solution to this i
Roll IE7 back to IE6
Like many users, I decided to give IE7 a try, and absolutely hated it I couldn't stand the dumbed down interface, and quite frankly, disliked the changes in every regard I mainly use FireFox (which I
Show Windows (Vista) Clock in Military Format
So James posted the simple tutorial to show you how to change your clock to military time with Windows XP. I decided it wouldn't hurt to share with people how to do the exact same thing, but with Vist
Show Windows (XP) Clock in Military Format
Well I sometimes prefer my windows clock to relay in Military time than the standard look. I decided to do some searching and found a rather good article at and decided to relay it for
Using a Wired XBox 360 Controller as a Mouse in
Using a Wired XBox 360 Controller as a Mouse in Windows What You'll Need: 1. A Wired XBox 360 Controller 2. Drivers from Microsoft (Should be automatically downloaded from Windows Update when you plug
Windows Networking
******************************* ** Simple Windows Networking ** ** By Gizmo ** ** March 06, 2002 ** ******************************* ************* ** Preface ** ************* This text is wrote with th
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