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Various articles on Networking.
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Gizmo's introduction to Hacker Definitions
Hackers often define themselves in 3 categories, these categories are described as follows. White Hats (Ethical Hackers) are the elitists who use their computing skills in a legal manner rather than f
HDTV Converter Boxes
In Feb 2008 "Over the Air" broadcasters will be only transmitting their broadcasts as High Definition Television broadcasts; which means that if your television does not support HDTV you'll need to pu
Morse Code 4 Dummiez
================================= ================================= == Morse Code 4 Dummiez == == By Gizmo == == [email protected] == == == == IRC: Gizzy == == Shouts to Thi
Preventing Google from Logging Web History.
Have you noticed that when you visit Google these days and repeat a search you've done in the past, Google will actually tell you when you last visited each page in the results? This occurs if you hav
Router Fun - Edited
================================= ================================= == Router Fun == == By Gizmo == == [email protected] == == == == IRC: Gizzy == == Shouts to Thinkpol and
Router Fun - Original
================================= == Router Fun == == By Gizmo == == [email protected] == == IRC: ^Gizmo^ == == Shouts to Thinkpol and Cpio == == Shouts to comdak and khecka == ======================
Scanning For Proxies
Scanning for proxies November 16, 2001 By Gizmo This is just a quickly typed up list of what to do that I had made for myself a ways back, I am making it public so that you all can brush up on your ni
Upgrading RAM on your Computer
Upgrading the RAM (Random Access Memory, or simply Memory) on your system is quite simple You'll need some information about your system before you get started. -- Supported Memory Speed -- Machine Ty
Upgrading to a DVDRW
Generally people think that adding a new drive to your computer is a job only suited for tech's; this however isn't the case most of the time The price of DVDRW drives has drastically dropped in recen
Virtual Memory Too Low
At least once a day I get a little pop up on my screen saying that my virtual memory is too low. Windows will fix it but it might refuse some requests during the process. And go to help to learn more.
What is - A guide to Networking Hardware
Today we're going to delve into the different hardware associated with networks; we're going to point towards the small business/home networking class, so I'll leave quite a few of the corporate items
What is - A short guide to BitTorrent
Quite simply, BitTorrent is a method of distributing large amounts of data widely without the original distributor incurring the entire costs of hardware, hosting, and bandwidth resources. Instead, wh
What is - A short Hard Drive explanation
Well, there are several parts of a hard drive that may confuse some, but luckily we have "Backwards Compatibility" with standards so it's much easier to not make a huge mistake Your hard drive will li
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