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HDTV Converter Boxes

In Feb 2008 "Over the Air" broadcasters will be only transmitting their broadcasts as High Definition Television broadcasts; which means that if your television does not support HDTV you'll need to purchase a Converter Box in order to continue receiving "Over The Air" broadcasts.

Now, a lot of people THINK they need one, but in actuality you probably don't.. If you have Cable or Satellite service in your home for example, you likely don't need one of these boxes.

You will ONLY need one of these boxes if your television uses an antenna to pull signals from the airwaves (not to be mistaken with a satellite dish) and your television does NOT support HDTV signals.

If your television supports HDTV signals you likely have your antenna plugged directly into your television; you'll need to change nothing as you already have the equipment to support HDTV broadcasts (in fact, you likely already have them).

Now, you may consider purchasing a decent quality HDTV antenna as well to pull in better quality signals; I recommend the Terk HDTVa Indoor Amplified High-Definition Antenna (Note that you can usually find this antenna at RadioShack).
Posted on July 18th, 2008 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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