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Crack PS2 Parental Lock

*** Override Playstation II Parental Controls ***
*** By Gizmo ***
*** [email protected] ***
*** ***
*** ***
*** ***
*** ***
*** Saturday, July 13, 2002 ***
*** ***
*** Shout outs to: Weeve, Katy, Neo, Lucky ***
*** UGN, UPIN, Papa Herf, and Rev. Curse. ***

/* Introduction */
The Playstation II comes with a feature for DVD playback
called Parental Control. For those of you who don't know
what it is, a Parental Control makes it so that parents
can block out features so that their children cannot play
games and/or movies with graphical content and sexual

/* Notes from the author */
I say this to any of you parents who think that you can
stop this freedom from your kids or husband, yeh
right... This is the freedom of information age, you'll
never stop it, everything has a backdoor.

/* To do */
This is quite simple; in fact I did it in fewer than 30
seconds... If you'd like to go ahead and crack your
parental controls for your Playstation II Console, do
the following:

Load a DVD/Game which is above your current control
level (in other words if it's blocked, use this cd).
Choose "temporarily change parental control modes to 8"
Press Select
Type in the code: 7444

/* What you did */
Now, it will say "Code Deleted". Please keep in mind that
you have to set a new code for Parental Control level 8...
Most parents will think that they just forgot the code, just
don't let them see you watching porn.

/* The End */
I wrote this article because I was bored and I had to find
the parental control code for a PSX that was "acquired" for
me. Now the code is something only I know, and it�s set at
level 8, so in other words, everything goes :x.

-Gizmo A. Lay
[email protected]
Posted on August 17th, 2008 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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