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Exploiting Windows File Shares

Exploiting windows file shares
December 07, 2001
By Gizmo

First if you know your victem has a home network, just get their ip address, this can often to as easy to /dns user on an irc server.

If you dont have any specific user in mind, just open a portscanner and scan for open ports, you'll be looking for port 139 (NetBios) by the way.

Now lets have a brief discussion, when configuring your network, your network neighborhood will add "NetBios" to your protocol list, you want to delete this since you wont have too much of a use for it.

Now if you've found a few users with your scanner running port 139, just open your webbrowser (yes, internet explorer, netscape, or whatever you are currently running). Now you want to type: \IPADDRESS in your address bar, an example would be: \ and if their not running a firewall to block your access you should see a list of their shared folders.

What to do now? now you can just toy with their computers, go through their files and find anything that could interest you. Even the FIND tool is available to you. Now if you find some software or a bit of information that you'd just love to have, just right click and copy to your hard drive.
Posted on August 17th, 2008 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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