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How To Setup A Conference - ATT

** How to setup a conference **
** **
** **
** By Gizmo **

November 7 2001

This tutorial is written for those who would like to how how
to setup a teleconference whom don't already know. This
tutorial requires a beige box (linemans set) and in some cases a normal
telephone cord.

Ok, as stated above you need a beigebox, you can find a tutorial on how to build one on

First you must find a Telco Can and/or a TNI. Now you open the can (there should be a little lip towards the bottom), please note that most cans are locked and require a telco key (steal out of a telco van, or build your own).

Secondly you must take your alligator clips on your beige box or linemans test set and connect the red clip to the top left and the black to the bottom right. please see the following photo:

|-o--| |-R--|
|--o-| |--B-|
|-o--| |-R--|
|--o-| |--B-|

Now, you should hear a dial tone, tada, you've beiged, you are now officially connected to someones line and doing something illegal! ::clap::

Next step is to figure out the telephone number of the line that you are on. You can do this by calling an ANAC.

After you have your telephone number of this line, you call a conference center, we prefer AT&T Teleconferencing Service. 1.800.232.1234 is the AT&T Teleconferencing line.

You call AT&T and state that you would like to start a conference. They will ask you for a name and billing information, state that you would like to bill to your line when asked. they will now ask you for your number and that they will call back to verify.

Conference Setup:
OP: Hello AT&T Teleconferencing Services
YOU: Hello I would like to setup a conference
OP: Yes sir/mam, what is the number that you are calling from?
YOU: 504.555.1212
OP: And your name and address sir/mam?
YOU: Yes i am John Doe, and my address is *Address*
OP: What time and date would you like your conference to start?
YOU: (state half an hour from present time) i would like it at 10:30 please.
OP: Yes sir/mam, we will call you back to verify info.
YOU: Thank you..

OP: Hello this is AT&T Teleconferencing calling to speak to John Doe
YOU: Yes, this is him
OP: Ok sir/mam, your information is *conf info*
YOU: thank you.

After the callback you will get your conference information, now go home and give your info out.

-- By Gizmo

Shouts: Khecka, Optix, Snake, TN/UPIN/PPC/P2k/UGN, unreal and comic you little bitch..
Posted on August 17th, 2008 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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