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How to create a hold box

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** How to create a hold box **
** By Gizmo **
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December 18, 2001

I decided to make these plans when I was chilling on the phone this afternoon with Jen and my boy's kept talkin shit in the background, sadly I had no hold button on my telephone, so I kept having to cover my mouth-peice and tell them to shut the hell up.

I never got into resisters and all that fun shit, so this is the bare essentials ghetto plan for this box.

Needed Components:
1 Spool of wire
1 Minibox Enclosure
1 On/Off Switch
2 Female telephone adapters

First, take your minibox and drill a hole into the top, it needs to be just right if not a little snug for your on/off switch. After you have the hole drilled you will need to drill another on either side of your box, or wherever you would like your telephone in/out placed.

Now that you have your holes drilled, place your components where you would like them to be, and cut your wire at the lengths to each adapter. From line in to the on/off switch (give say 1"-2" for workspace), then from the on off switch to the line out port on your box.

Now, solder the red and green on the line in to your wire that you had cut. Place white as red, black as green. Do the same for your line out on your box.

Now, take your soldered white/black wires from both the in and out lines, and hook the white (ring) to the on/off adapter. Remember that its white/white and black/black, we don't want any cross connections, and then take and solder the black/black wires together.

Now, simply plug in your phone cord from your wall to your line in on your box, and then plug another wire from your line out to your telephone. Whenever you would like to place someone on hold, just simply flip your switch and they can't hear you, but oh look, you can hear them.
Posted on August 17th, 2008 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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