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Pranking - Choosing a victim

** Pranking: Choosing a victem **
** **
** **
** By Gizmo **

December 17, 2001

-=About the text=-
Well this is a sister text to my yearly Christmas text, choosing a title was a bitch since things can be a pain in the ass. I am starting this on the 17th and it should be complete by the 20th.

This text covers how to choose a victem for your pranking, this only goes so far for the sheer fact that we dont want you pranking the Gov, thats our spot.

-=What's needed=-
You need a few phonebooks, a pen and paper for notes, and possibly some munchies

-=How it works=-
Ok, we usually prank people that we have a grudge on, such as the FBI/CIA/NSA/DEA etc, we dont reccommend this for the feeble minded.

So if you have a victem look up thier number and your done, wtf you reading this for, this is for the less skillfull wanna be ninjas.

We like to use blockbuster as a prank source, you can get all sorts of cool info out of thier workers, we have a blockbuster text up somewhere.

If your extremely desperate for a prank, just decide what you wanna do, call a person (white pages) a business (business or yellow pages) or a state prank (blue pages at the front of your phonebook).

We always like to start at the blue, then work our way through the business then end with a few grandma pranks.

When you prank, we recommend doing it at around 3am sence nothings more annoying and scary to someone than to be woken up to "Mam, this is Sargent McMurphy from the Clackamas County Poliece department, I'm sorry, but your son got struck by a drunk driver and is no longer with us" then to hang up before they get details.

We know were mean bastards, and i know this text was pointless, but hey, you all know I'm a dick :x.
Posted on August 17th, 2008 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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