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Pranking - Not leaving a trace

** Pranking: Not leaving a trace **
** **
** **
** By Gizmo **

December 17, 2001

-=About the text=-
Well this is my yearly Christmas text, choosing a title was a bitch since things can be a pain in the ass. I am starting this on the 17th and it should be complete by the 20th.

This text covers how to cover your tracks while pranking, this only goes so far for the sheer fact if you need to cover your tracks THAT badly, you shouldn't be making the call.

-=What's needed=-
Firstly you need a calling card or PBX, or basically anything else that's on a toll free number that you can make a call through.

-=How it works=-
Most 0ops (the operator who answers your telephone call when you dial 0) will process a call to a toll free number for the caller. At times they wont, and with some services you can just state "Yes, I am visually impaired and I need assistance in dialing a toll free number".

Now, first you need to see if your 0op forwards ANI, you do this through having your 0op connect you to an ANIC (a number which reads off the phone number that your calling from) if it reads back "error" "unavailable" or "(area code)-000.0000" your set, if it reads back your number, stop reading now, your fucked. Different 10-10 numbers will also dial numbers for you and don't forward ANI, so go find one.

Now, you have a service to forward your call without your ANI, so you simply dial your transport of your PBX, phone card, etc. Now you're at your transport and your ready to dial your victim. Just type in their number and have yourself some fun.

Please remember that if you decide to prank a government office or a police department, they will subpoena the records of your little joyous occasion in hopes of busting you, but hey, you diverted to your card, just do use it unless you divert from now on..

Please also remember that the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. use Lock and Trace technologies, and well your fucked unless you diverted and have a loyal company, which is why we state to buy your calling card with cash or card it :/.
Posted on August 17th, 2008 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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