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Router Fun - Edited

== Router Fun ==
== By Gizmo ==
== [email protected] ==
== ==
== IRC: Gizzy ==
== Shouts to Thinkpol and Cpio ==
== Shouts to Missa and khecka ==
== Shouts to Lucky225 and UPIN ==

November 21 2000

Bouncing through a cisco router is quite easy, and if you are on a rather nice router, you do not have to worry about little packet kiddies. To bounce using mIRC, use the following 5 commands, and ONLY change the specified areas, otherwise, it won't work.

/server [routerip] 23
/quote pass
/quote 6667
/quote user Nicknamehere is owned by gizmo lar lar kekekeke
/quote nick Nicknamehere

The /quote 6667 line tells your router that you would like to bounce to port 6667.

Now you too can be a packet kiddie, although we do not recommend this, since it is quite illegal, the commands are shown none the less, we just say this to let you know what your doing is against the law. These commands use TELNET, or a proper TELNET emulator.

[victim ip]

Now your users ip will be flooded, if you are on a fast Cisco Router, the user will ping offline within minutes, this can vary, weather the user is using 56k, CABLE/DSL, or something more powerful. Keep in mind, this tends to piss off people, and chances are, you may have a little packet war going on.

The changing of the enable and enter passwords were removed from this text because we feel that if your stupid enough to packet us, that we will have a rather easy way of making you stop.. Changing your routers passwords.

If you need to change your routers passwords, find the commands out yourself, it isn't too hard to do.. Its actually rather simple.

To turn off finger:
Turning off your routers finger ports is another step in making your identity anonymous on IRC or anything else that you are doing for that matter. This will close port 79 aka finger port. If you wish to finger a router, telnet to port 79 and it will display all users currently logged into the router, so long as this port is opened. These commands use TELNET or a proper TELNET emulator.

conf t
no ip finger
type rel and follow the instructions

This will close the finger port, and reboot your router, it will be down for approx. 3-5 minutes.

Scanning for Cisco Routers:
Scanning for a router is half the battle, we recommend Super Scanner which is now owned and maintained by Foundstone ( We have been using this scanner since it was made by a lonely @home programmer, now look where his programs went :/. This program is only available for windows.

When you have a proper scanner, we recommend that you set up a portlist in the portlist setup. To do this, click the port list button, select ports: 23, 79, 80, 8080. This will scan for 23 (telnet), 79 (finger), and 80&8080 (http&proxy). The reason that you would want to scan proxys is to use them for other fun activities, its not too good to use prescanned stuff since chances are that they are currently used by other users, and possibly logged.

After you have all of this configured, just run on a random class B or C and wait for generous amounts of replies to come in. Wait until your scan is complete, choose expand, then prune, then save yoru list, and now it is your job to go through your findings.

Finding Cisco Routers:
The reply from a Cisco Router will be something among the following:

* +
|___ 23 Telnet
|___ ................User Access Verification....Password:
* +
|___ 23 Telnet
|___ ................User Access Verification....Username:

Now a Cisco Router with the default password will be: cisco. Among other popular passwords, the following are also usable at times: admin, god, router, enable, password. We recommend that if you own a Cisco Router, that you do NOT use these passwords, just to keep your network safe from the likes of us.

Thats all for now, have fun, and good hunting..
Posted on August 17th, 2008 - Updated on December 31st, 2010
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