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Scanning For Proxies

Scanning for proxies
November 16, 2001
By Gizmo

This is just a quickly typed up list of what to do that I had made for myself a ways back, I am making it public so that you all can brush up on your ninja vanish skilletz.

First, you need a program to scan for both 8080 and/or 3128, these both are common proxy ports, also you can try port 80. Some companies have a set port for their block for their proxies, so at many times a class will be full of proxies, and others empty, and some that your just lead to believe are empty.

Don't try and run a full port scan of a class, it's kinda dumb and impractical to scan 65535 ports on 255 computers, but if you must, feel free, although their more apt to notice a scan of more than 5 ports.

A scanner that I both enjoy and recommend is Super Scan, it can be found at Found Stone Technologies, see I used to use this program back when a 31337 scanner writer using @home wrote it, so I've been with the program since it was a baby. Another scanner that you may want to take a look at that impresses me is Access Diver, available at, this program comes with a bunch of nice features and scanners, its what I use to check if my proxy's are anonymous or not.

Now that you have a scanner, set it up for your ports, in Super Scan you select port list (go figure) after this select deselect all, scroll down to your ports that you want and double click them (yes, this is a windows based application).

Now, enter your starting ip, then your ending, Super scan has a max of a class c now I believe, evidently they didn't like users being able to scan an entire class A since beta :x.

Now hit scan, it will list a bunch of shit, don't toy with it until complete. Click expand all, then click prune. next save your list, I prefer to save it as the class I had just scanned, say 12.0.0.txt or so.

Now, go through this list and test out your proxies, after that, check to see if their anonymous and go have fun.

- Gizmo
Posted on August 17th, 2008 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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