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Hacking Voice Mail Boxs

It has come to our attention that some scum-bags out there are EXPLOITING the fine services offered to this country by Telecom and Optus. Can I just start by saying that we here at =MAIM= are totally disgusted by this outright disregard for the laws set by our virtuous government and it MUST give you an example of what these lowlife vandals are doing, read the following text which has been circulating around Australian BBS's (disgusting isn't it!)

Enuf of the crap, on with the show. Many people have contributed to the writing of this article, so it's unfair for me to take the credit for producing this text file. All the info for this article came from many peoples work.. you know who you are!! Voice mail means that you will never miss a call again.

With voice mail if you are on the phone, unable to answer the phone or out of the coverage area, your callers messages can be diverted to your voice mail service, you can retrieve messages from voice mail at any time, with any kind of touchfone ie. mobile or landline.

You can save important messages for later reference. Change your recorded greeting as often as you need to. As you guys prolly gather Voice Mail Boxes are like a remote answering machine.

The following method of hacking empty voice mail box is a proven method, I have used it myself, and so have many other people.

Victorian VMB Dialups:

The above dialups are for the Optus VMB's.

The password for the empty VMB is the number you just called. ie. If the VMB is 303-1024 (Mine) then the password would be 3031024. Its that easy!!

The hardest part of the whole process is to find an empty VMB, you will know when you hit an empty one because when you hit '*' during the message, an Optus lady will read out the box number to you.

To get into the box press '*' while the message is being read out then enter ya password.

Once in the box you will know what to do, its all menu operated and is pretty straight forward just listen. If you stuff up you can always call back and try again.

Apparently this method will also work on Telescum VMB's (Although i am not 100% sure).. But I have been told that they suck. Stick to optus boxes there is more features on em. If you still wanna try Telescum boxes then the dialup is:

Well hope it all goes well.

Morbid Angel:-Thanx for making me FINALLY write this article.
Lord Warlock:-Thanx for all ya help & info.
Malfesant Trooper:-That message on DU really helped.
Paradox:-Thanx for the help.
Trash Man:-Found decent software yet?
The Red Ripper:-Thanx for all ya help.
Shotgun Messiah:-Turn down the bloody TV!
Posted on September 27th, 2009 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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