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More TRW Info

Trw is a large database in which company's and banks can run credit checks on their customers. Example: John Jones orders 500$ worth of stereo equipment from the Joe Blow Electronic distributtng Co.

Well it could be that he gave the company a phony credit card number, or doesn't have enough credit, etc. Well they call up Trw and then run a check on him, trw then lists his card numbers (everything from sears to visa) and tells the numbers, credit, when he lost it last (if he ever did) and then of course tells if he has had any prior problems paying his bills.

I would also like to add that although Trw contains information on millions of people, not every part of the country is served, although the major area are.. So if you hate someone and live in a small state, you probably wont be able to order him 300 pink toilet seats from K-mart.

Logging on
To log on, you dial-up your local access number (or long-distance, what ever turns you on) and wait for it to say "trw" at this promt, you type either an "A" or a "Ctrl-G" and it will say "circuit building in progress" it will wait for a minute and then clear the screen, now you will type one of the following. Tca1

This is to tell it what geographical area the customer is in, it really doesnt matter which you use, because trw will automatically switch when it finds the record..

Next, you will type in the pswd and info on the person you are trying to get credit info on: you type it in a format like this: Rts Pswd Lname Fname ...,House number First letter of street name Zip [cr] now you type ctrl s and 2 ctrl q's here is what it looks like in real life:

Ae: Dialing xxx-xxx-xxxx

(screen clear)
Trw ^G

circuit building in progress

(pause . . . screen clear)


Rtc 3966785-cm5 Johnson David ...,4567
R 56785
^s ^q ^q

and then it will wait for a few seconds and print out the file on him (if it can locate one for the guy)

note: you may have to push return when you first connect to get the systems

Getting Your Passwords
To obtain pswds, you go down to your favorite bank or sears store and dig through the trash (hence the name trashing) looking for printouts, if they are a big enough place, and live in a trw area, then they will probably have some. The printouts will have the 7 digit subscriber code, leaving the 3-4 digit pswd up to you. Much like trashing down at good old ma bell.
Posted on September 30th, 2009 · Updated on December 31st, 2010
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