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Nickserv Commands · FAQ Entries

Nickserv Drop
Syntax: DROP NickName Password Drops the specified nickname. Once a nickname is dropped, it cannot be undone. It will be available for other users to register. Any nicknames linked to the dropped nick
Nickserv Ghost
Syntax: GHOST [password] GHOST disconnects an old user session, or somebody attempting to use your nickname without authorization. If you are logged in to the nick's account, you need not speci
Nickserv Identify
Syntax: IDENTIFY NickName Password NickServ Identify for access to a nickname. Once identified, NickServ you will be able to see and read any memos you have, NickServ gain ops in channels, and use you
Nickserv Info
Syntax: INFO NickName Shows you information on a registered nickname, such as the time of registration, when the nickname was last used, and various other information.
NickServ Link
Syntax: LINK NickName [Password] Allows you to link two nicknames together. Once a nickname is linked to another, it shares the host nicknames access lists, passwords, memos, etc. If both nicknames ar
NickServ Links
Syntax: LINKS Show what nicknames are currently linked to the nickname you have identified for. Note that this may not be your current nickname. Example: LINKS
Nickserv Register
Syntax: REGISTER Password Email Allows you to register your nickname with NickServ. Once your nickname is registered, you will be able to send and receive memos through MemoServ, register channels and
Nickserv Set Email
Syntax: SET EMAIL NONE|E-Mail Changes or removes your E-Mail address. You should keep a valid E-Mail address set in NickServ at all times. If you wish to keep your E-Mail address hidden, you can turn
Nickserv Set Enforce
Syntax: NickServ SET ENFORCE Toggles your ENFORCE flag. When ENFORCE is on, NickServ will stop people from using your nickname unless they IDENTIFY.
NickServ Set HideMail
Syntax: SET HIDEMAIL ON|OFF Toggles your HIDEMAIL flag. When HIDEMAIL is on, your E-Mail address will be hidden in NickServ INFO.
NickServ Set NeverOp
Syntax: SET NEVEROP ON|OFF Toggles your NEVEROP flag. When NEVEROP is on, ChanServ will not automatically op, halfop, or voice you in any channels.
Nickserv Set Password
Syntax: SET PASS Password Password Changes the password for your nickname. You must IDENTIFY before you can do this.
Nickserv Set Secure
Syntax: SET SECURE ON|OFF Toggles your SECURE flag. When SECURE is on, NickServ will require you to IDENTIFY in order to use your nickname. If SECURE is off, you will be able to use your nickname if y
NickServ UnLink
Syntax: UNLINK NickName Unlink two linked nicknames. When two nicknames are unlinked, they become seperate nicknames with identical information. If you wish to completely unregister a linked nickname,
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