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How can I make captures from DVD movies/media files?

One option is to get a program that allows screencaptures,such WinDVD or PowerDVD. For media files, you can try something like VirtualDub or NanDub.

Another option is to go to your video card properties (right click on desktop->properties)->Settings tab->Advanced button->Troubleshoot tab. Then move the Hardware Acceleration down to "None". This should allow you to take screencaptures from any media player. You may notice degraded performance. After you're done making your screencaptures, put the hardware acceleration back to normal.

For Windows Mediaplayer 9, simply press Ctrl+I. WMP will default to saving it as capture.jpg in your My Pictures folder. You cannot save in any format except JPEG and BMP. This does not work for all formats. It will work in most (if not all) AVI and MPEG container movies, but WMV files tend to have copy protection of some sort which disallows WMP screenshots.
Posted on October 1st, 2015
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