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How do I make a VCD or SVCD from a DivX, avi, asf, or smr source?

The most common way is to use virtualdub to extract the audio as a .wav (audio menu--->check "full processing mode", audio menu-->"conversion"--->44100Hz, file-->"save .wav").

This might be a good time to check your FPS as well (file--->file information). Next, use the wizard inTMPGEnc (file-->"project wizard" if you closed it).

Next, select "Video CD" if you plan on making a VCD (~80 minutes per CD, lesser quality) or "Super Video CD" if you plan on making a SVCD (~40 minutes per CD, higher quality).

Select your type of video (If your framerate was 29.97, NTSC. 23.976 is NTSC Film, and 25 is PAL). Press next. Select your .avi in the "video file" and the .wav you created in the "audio file". Press next.

Next once more (unless the video is more than 80 minutes if you are making a VCD , or 40 for a SVCD - see next question). Next one more time on the bitrate s! etting window. Tell it where you want your .mpeg to go, and then press OK - you're now encoding a (S)VCD.

Once encoded, burn using the (S)VCD function in Nero or your favourite burning program. A good resource for all of this is

Posted on October 1st, 2015
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