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I want to buy an LCD monitor, but I can't find any figures on refresh rates! What gives?

LCD screens don't refresh in the same way as CRT monitors. In a CRT, the phosphor screen is scanned a certain number of times per second, causing it to glow. If this number is too low, then the time between scans causes the screen to flicker. LCD screens don't do this - the individual pixels change color when necessary. You will never observe flicker on an LCD screen, so the concept of refresh rate is almost irrelevant.

What is relevant is the speed at which the pixels can erase. If it is too slow, you may see a 'ghosting' effect in high-movement situations like computer games or action films. Most modern LCDs have a very fast erase time, but you may occasionally still encounter this problem.

Pixel erase time is most commonly called pixel refresh rate. It is measured by a "rise" and "fall" in milliseconds (ms). Most manufacturers list the rating as a combination of rise and fall speeds, but sometimes only one way is listed.
Posted on October 1st, 2015
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