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User Rules

Users are why we're all here; they make UGN Security worth being at. With the BBS being fairly real time we have to have rules.
We work on a 3 strikes and you're gone outlook. If you are banned you will only be allowed back in certain circumstances.
Only post only once per subject; if you mass post you will be warned.
Do not harass others. We are against "flame wars" if you have beef with someone take it up with them in Private Messages. You will be warned for flames.
Do not harass the moderators, you will be warned.
Do not abuse the BBS code, any exploiting of the BBS code will result in your address mask banned. This will mean that anyone using your IP mask will not be allowed here.
Refrain from registering more than 1 nickname. If you register more than 1 nickname you will be warned.
UGN is an ENGLISH ONLY server. If English is not your primary language we suggest that you start learning. Making posts in anything other than English will result in a warning.
Posted on October 1st, 2015
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