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Re: Blackbeard..... Gremelin 10/04/18 02:02 AM
The IRC has been dead for some time; SilentRage was the only real user that stuck around on there.
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Re: my old account still exists! Crime 08/10/18 09:47 PM
Originally Posted by Gremelin
Pretty much the same; my development community is now doing the development for the forum software that we're using (UBB.threads), and taking care of kids, lol


also, arent those kids like 18 by now gizzy ?
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Re: The History Thread... Gremelin 08/11/17 07:11 PM
He's on Facebook, but I haven't talked with him for a while
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Re: Doom 3 Cyrez 09/12/14 03:58 AM
I finally finished this game. This review is very accurate. A++
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Amazon Gift Card Generator/KeyGen?te Gecko666 08/22/14 04:21 PM
Are these for real? If they are where can i get one?
I 've heard of these on Google, but havent actually been able to get one. Do any of you know where I can get one?
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AIM scene 99-03 lavos 09/02/13 03:06 PM
looking for my old friends from the aim 'hax0r prog maker' scene. I was there when they created 'room' and 'darkside'
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Planetside 2 Crime 03/04/13 02:10 PM
so I've been playing alot of planetside2 and have come across several sites that could help you.

first one lets you see camos BEFORE you buy them:

then they have an even more advanced one that lets you see camos on vehicles:

and another link is a new one, they just included an option to see your stats and your outfits stats:

now if you play this game on a less then optimal system, you might notice some lag or graphics issues, according to SOE they offer some tips to reduce that:

but since SOE has no [censored] clue what they are doing, we have come across some helpful .INI edting to help you reach your "optimal" settings, aka ULTRA setting, for good PCs only.

Edit the config file that is found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PlanetSide 2/UserOptions

Here is my config that I spent quite a while getting "right" for my computer, graphics arent the greatest, I know but... I get 80FPS quite consistently. feel free to copy it all (changes some in game settings, mainly you want the "rendering" part.)











InputDevice=Default System Device
OutputDevice=Default System Device




now if you have a awesome pc, and its getting more then like 80FPS you could try and FORCE ON phy-x, SOE is currently working on enabling phy-x but havent rolled out the option.

so here is what you add to your rendering line in the .ini



that will get you cool particle effects like this

well thats all i have for right now, but stay tuned for more breaking info on PLANETSIDE 2
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Re: Beta Testers Wanted Crime 03/04/13 01:55 PM
Elders scrolls online is having an open beta sign up for anyone who would like to join (odds are high you will be accepted)

Beta tester sign up:

The last beta testing for Defiance is now coming up so this is the last chance to get into the beta.

Beta tester signups:
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Re: Happy Holidays from Gizmo & Trey HighLander 01/01/13 10:02 PM
Happy Holidays Gizmo, long time, and Happy Holidays to the rest of the UGN staff
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Server Relocation Gremelin 03/15/12 12:56 AM
We're currently in the process of migrating our server to the Interserver Datacenter in New Jersey (USA). There is quite a bit of data to move over, so if you happen to see something broken please let me know.
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Re: Hello Everyone Gremelin 02/13/12 01:01 AM
Here, lots of crickets...

Personally? ER a couple of days ago, been really sick...
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Re: Tracfone ESN Generator Zanvin Green 01/18/12 08:31 PM
no i dontknow of any but u think u could help me?
i was wondering wether there was a free way i could play games on my tracfone. i have a Samsung T101G. My phone number is a612 412 7487
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Python 3 issue Testing 12/18/11 04:28 AM
Currently I am trying to write a script that will submit a value to a form and capture the information received. I then of course need to parse it.

My main issue I am having is actually submitting the form. I have my data I need submitted (a list of entries one at a time). I just have no clue on how to actually submit the form.

Any thoughts? I have been researching the heck out of urllib.request and urlopen but I just seem to be missing something. any help is appreciated!

Here is a copy of what i have so far.. but I haven't actually put in the code for connecting to the website.

the idea is i have a csv file of addresses and i need the program to take each one and submit it in a form. heres what I have as a start.

#Creates a list for the addresses to go into
addresslist = []

#Opens the file
file = open('DealList.txt', 'rt')

#Creates the vareiable "x" which contains every line in the file
x = file.readlines()

#Strips the useless information and the double quotes from the original line
#and adds it into "addresslist"
for line in x:
#Adds the address into "addresslist"
addresslist.append(line.split(",")[0].replace('"', ''))

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Re: tracfone airtime Drache86 07/30/11 10:37 AM
thank you ill check it out
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Re: Backdoors and the Infinite ZeroCoolStar 07/10/11 10:52 AM
thanks for the help.
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Re: Where and how do you torrent? ZeroCoolStar 07/06/11 02:22 PM is an amazing site...
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Re: Can home PCs provide a way for viruses and spyware to enter a corporate LAN? Gremelin 06/09/11 12:51 AM
Well, if the system where to become infected, it's possible... There are some viruses which can spread across a network.

A Firewall and Virus Scanner on all machines would be a good start to thwart many viruses however.
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Re: HackThisZIne #12 Releaseed! Pipat2 04/29/11 04:20 AM
Thanks for the info.
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Re: gang wars? l33t-wars? Gremelin 04/28/11 12:56 PM
I think most people are now playing games on Facebook for the most part, especially considering their growth... It's pretty much killed the little niche gaming sites in turn for a site that just has everything (for the most part).
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Consolidate Forums diggin2deep 04/21/11 05:02 PM
It seems like there's a lot of dead sub-sections of this forum. There's a number of active users, why don't we just consolidate them so the site doesn't look so dead?
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Re: LAN Hacking Gremelin 03/12/11 07:42 AM
Well, sniffing the connection itself would be a good starting point; you're likely not going to capture usernames/passwords on large sites (as they'll usually be using SSL) but smaller sites such as those with bulletin boards (heh, hmm) you'd be able to sniff things from there.
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Assistance Requested in Identifying People who Snitched on Goatse Hacking Group diggin2deep 01/30/11 09:32 AM
Thought I'd post this community announcement here. Snitching has hurt many of the people in the hacking community, let's change that.

Taken from
Do you know who the informant was? Contact Hackbloc Staff at staff[at]
[Linked Image]
For those who haven't been following the story, Daniel Spitler and Andrew Auernheimer, alleged members of the computer security group Goatse have been charged with Conspiracy to Access a Computer Without Authorization and Fraud in Connection with Personal Information for their alleged role in exposing a major flaw in the way AT&T was storing the personal information of iPad users. The email addresses of many in rich and powerful circles was open to exposure including members of the White House Staff.

While the Department of Justice claims these two "hacked into" AT&T databases, the reality is that they simply queried them a number of times. On a public-facing web page, you could ask the database who was associated with which hardware ID and it would tell you.

In a court document posted on Cryptome, it's revealed that a confidential informant provided IRC chat logs to the FBI. According to the affidavit, "Approximately one month after the search of defendant Auernheimer's home, a confidential source (the "CS") contacted federal law enforcement officers and stated, among other things, that the CS routinely monitored "#dominion," one of the IRC channels used by Goatse Security members to communicate with one another. The CS also provided law enforcement officers with chat logs from the "#dominion" channel from on or about June 2, 2010 through on or about June 11, 201 O. Extending over 150 pages, those chat logs conclusively demonstrate that defendants Spitler and Auernheimer were responsible for the data breach and conducted the breach to simultaneously damage AT&T and promote themselves and Goatse Security. Excerpts from the chat logs are provided below."

While there was a snitch within IRC channel, it appears that Goatse members have also offered to work with the Department of Justice "hand in hand for a stronger country" which is all somebody would need to not trust the goatse folks. Future informants against other "malicious hackers"? The idea unfortunately isn't that far-fetched.

It shouldn't be hard to figure out who this snitch was in this case given that they were idling in an IRC room for extensive periods of time. We must protect our communities against snitches who will sell their friends down the river in exchange for legal immunity, status, nationalism, or anything else. Snitching only weakens our community, divides it, and sows distrust into our relationships. Find snitches, publicly out them, and excommunicate them from our community!

A statement was posted on the goatse site which is copied below:

"On the heels of the arrest of two of Goatse Security’s researchers, I felt compelled to write a statement reiterating a few points regarding last year’s AT&T breach which I believe are important:

1. The only data gathered was a list of e-mail addresses. No real names, mailing addresses, or any associated data was breached.
2. The data gathered was PUBLICLY AVAILABLE on AT&T’s web server. Any person could say “What is the e-mail address associated with ID XXXXXXXX” and the server would happily reply “[email protected]” or “invalid ID”. The process of doing so was simply automated using random IDs. There was no “real” hacking involved.
3. Through intermediary channels, Goatse Security notified AT&T of the hole in their system and waited until it had been patched before we made our disclosure.
4. Under no circumstances was the data EVER made public. It was only given to Gawker Media under the condition that it would be redacted, just as proof that the data *HAD* been leaked and this was not a fictitious claim.
5. AT&T has pressured the USDoJ and the FBI into building and prosecuting a baseless case because they care more about their own share price than their customers. Stated another way: the American government works at the behest of private corporations.

AT&T, the FBI, and the prosecution have labelled this as a “malicious” attack, directly against AT&T’s interests and their customers. This could not be farther from the truth. The flaw was quite literally stumbled upon; AT&T was never targeted, and upon gathering the data, it was not sold, distributed, or used otherwise (although it certainly had the potential to be used quite maliciously) – it was only disseminated to a single media outlet because we believed it was important enough to share. Were the hole discovered by a malicious party, the data could have been easily sold to the RBN at a very high price, could have been used to target iPad owners with AT&T phishing e-mails, the e-mails could have been sent iPad trojans, or otherwise. The private discussions we had to determine the extent of the flaw will undoubtedly be twisted and redacted by the prosecution to create an appearance of malice, as these were all topics touched upon. This can be damning even though the discussion itself is not a crime.

The case is based entirely upon IRC logs, anonymously submitted, which could be completely fabricated with no method of verification. The transcripts of these logs are solely being used to create an image of malicious intent.

The fact of the matter is quite simple: AT&T put their own customers at risk through negligence, their share price dropped when this fact was exposed, and they have now co-opted the USDoJ and the FBI to attempt to shift the blame from themselves to individuals who were looking out for the public good.

In the end, regardless of how the chat logs are made to appear, the facts do not change: GoatSec researchers found a hole, made sure it was closed, and responsibly disclosed its existence.
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Re: Server Stats - Browser & OS Gremelin 01/30/11 03:12 AM
Originally Posted by Artic Warrior
update? does this site still get user traffic?
I only came back because of the Egyptian internet blackout. Obviously I had no other community to go to frown
We still get the same amount of incoming search engine traffic, just less user posting...
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Re: Popping in to see whats going on Artic Warrior 01/29/11 11:21 AM
I still remember. 7 years on baby.
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Re: Egypt Shuts Down Internet, Cellphone Services Artic Warrior 01/29/11 11:08 AM
Sure enough I tried to access an egyption website, and it timed out.
Apparently dial-up can still work to access the interwebz out of Egypt. I don't think it will ever happen in Australia but maybe I should buy a dial-up modem just in case I feel like listening to it mate with my phone line again.
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