Indian police forced around 200 people caught watching pornography to do sit-ups in public to shame them and keep them away from theaters that illegally screen smutty movies.

The Hindustan Times reported Monday that police stopped the screening of a pornographic movie at a cinema in Balasore district in the eastern state of Orissa and made audience members -- some as young as 17 -- do 10 sit-ups each at a public square, watched by onlookers.

The police made the all-male group vow not to watch pornography again. To make matters worse for the embarrassed teenagers who were caught, police called their parents to watch them doing sit-ups.

Police officer Sanjeev Panda said authorities carried out the public shaming after attempts to get theaters in district not to show pornography had failed.

"So we decided to crack down on the audience," Panda was quoted in the newspaper, which also reported that police in Orissa planned to integrate such public punishments into their general campaign against pornography.

Exhibiting pornography is illegal in India, but it is screened in many cinemas. The latest craze is pornographic Multi-Media Messaging (MMS) clips, some of which allegedly show Bollywood actresses engaged in sexual acts.


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