Search Engine Help

Search engines are one of the top ways that people find your site on the internet. Thus, if you are a web designer it is important that you get your sites listed in search engines, or else your work is for nothing. This tutorial will explain how to add META Tag's to your site to help it in the search engine rankings. Also, at the bottom is a list of sites that will help you submit your site to the major search engines for free.

How It's Done

Before you submit your site to a search engine you should make sure its going to rank well. META Tag's can be added to your site to help with this.

1) The first META Tag that you should consider using is the Keyword META Tag. It allows you to add keywords to your site so that search engines will see these words first. Below is the tag.

<META name="Keywords" content="firstkeyword, secondkeyword, thirdkeyword">

All you have to do is complete this script with your desired keywords and place it in the HEAD of your site.

2) The second way you can use META Tags to help with search engine placement is by using the Description META Tag. It allows you to show the search engine a paragraph about your site. The tag is below.

<META name="Description" content="Your sites description">

Just put in your paragraph describing your site, and be sure to use alot of your keywords in the description. This will help to boost your search engine rating.

Free Submission

Below is a list of sites that will submit your site to a group of top notch search engines for free.

Tell me if this is at all helpful to anyone so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time.


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