Sheryl Crow will soon be singing for Dell Inc., the world's largest personal computer supplier.

The deal will allow the company to promote home entertainment networks and educate consumers about new capabilities, while Crow will be able to build awareness for her new album.

The singer/songwriter will star in Dell television commercials nationwide, expected to begin airing next week. In these, she showcases all of the ways home technology products help her enjoy her upcoming single "Good Is Good."

The Grammy-winning artist also will be prominently featured in direct-mail catalogs, newspaper inserts, online and in other campaign materials.

Dell wants consumers to see how Media Center PCs can collect, manage and organize all types of entertainment from one centralized point of control. The $849 computer highlighted in the commercials comes with a TV tuner card built in, meaning it can replace a stand-alone DVR, and is shown connected to a 42-inch plasma TV.

"Technology has helped me with the writing and recording processes, and it's a great way to reach out to fans of my music," Crow said in a statement. "Dell's combining all these different technologies and making it really easy to enjoy them."

Her new album, as yet untitled, is set for release Sept. 27 via A&M Records.

Additional ideas involving Crow are being explored, said Michael Farrello, Dell's vp electronics and accessories. These might include a partnership with Yahoo!'s MusicMatch digital music service or having Crow's music come preloaded on a Dell DJ portable music player.


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