Wednesday unveiled a new array of keyboard and mice, with some featuring built-in fingerprint readers to make it easier for users to log on to personal computers and Web sites.

A keyboard, mouse and stand-alone fingerprint reader were added to Microsoft's hardware lineup, which works with software to verify and switch between users of its Windows operating system, as well as automatically enter the identifications and passwords needed to log onto secure Web pages.

In its annual refresh of its computer input hardware, the world's largest software maker also introduced a new small wireless mouse designed for laptop computers and keyboards with a zoom slider bar to shrink or enlarge digital text or photographs.

Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft, which discontinued its hardware networking business earlier this year, said that it would continue to introduce new keyboard, mice and PC input-related products using technology derived in part from its $6 billion annual research and development efforts.

Hardware with built-in fingerprint recognition is expected to retail at between $55 and $110, while the wireless notebook mouse will sell for $45 and the keyboard with zoom for $35, Microsoft said.

Microsoft is not the first to introduce fingerprint recognition hardware. Sony Corp., Targus and other manufacturers also sell fingerprint readers to boost computer security, although Microsoft says its new hardware is more for convenience

Source: CNN

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