Since we're beginning development again on several features (Archive is nearly done, needs to have some member system integration love and some work in the sql query area; and the downloads system is being worked on) we're going to be restricting back on some options.

For starters; we upgraded our file system several years back to this current one (PHP Advanced Transfer Manager) and users have been again direct linking to files. Worse of all, several of these links are being used on several software review sites as their primary mirror (which wastes a TON of bandwidth).

Well, I've adjusted the permissions on files tonight so that you must be logged into the download system in order to download files. This doesn't mean much to anyone (since I doubt many of our regulars use the system, not to mention it's free to sign up) so I don't expect much backlog (other than not having to pay for users abusing systems).

The new download system I'm working on utilizes a captcha system for public downloading, so membership won't be required (and will be integrated into the forum for one centralized user account system).

If you have any questions, feel more than welcome to ask.

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