I've decided to open the new store ahead of schedule; it'll help in both testing and letting users provide input. As no server side order processing occurs (it all happens through CafePress) we're already allowing orders.

Since the old store didn't work in the first place, it's not like we're fearing something not working :P...

When I get some time I'll be adding a sidebar island here on the forums with a random product displayed; but this will take some time wink...

To view the store, please click the "store" link on the top of the forum or main site; or here.

I went through all of the item pages and ensured the prices where currently matching that of the increases from CafePress; please note that the correct price will ALWAYS show on CafePress before you order an item and can fluctuate based on what type of increase they want to add.

I will also need to make some better graphics for the navigation pages; it's currently defaulting to the ones that I had used on the Articles and Archive systems (since I reused some code to save some time since there was no sense in reinventing the wheel).

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