I was thinking about making a philosophy forum, but i'll start with a thread, to discuss not only the common philosophy of hackers but the philosophies of those hackers; and I'm not asking what shade of gray your hat is. I'll start with a couple of the basic questions and feel free to go beyond or ignore ones you're not interested in.

Some philosophical topics:
1. The beginning of time - It all had to begun someplace, right? wink How do you think it started, why? And how could that have been the start, what was before that? This one has always puzzled me, the concept of infinite time just doesn't make sense to me, but the argument that there must've been something before "that" is a compelling one.

2. Religion - This one is easy, you know what I'm asking about here. I personally don't believe in any of the "established religions". As I think they were all created by people. I believe in pre-determination, as defined by the arrangment of particles before the big bang, which is my "god force" or creator. Although as I said before, how that matter got their to begin with I have no idea, or in what form it was... If energy, where did that energy come from? What the hell is in the "nothingness of space?" AHHH!!!.

3. Evolution / Creationism - I personally say that its "Evolution" and even though everything is "pre-determined" (because particles seem to obey laws, and everything leads into the next) the way that I see it, is it ought to have happened. And thats just the way evolution works. Its just large number thoery to me, yeah sure even if we are the only ones to be "alive" in the galaxy, its a fallacy to sit here and say that their must've been a "watchmaker" for a timepiece as intricate as time itself. No, it is not a wonder to me that if the world had been +/- X degrees or had some other composition of gases in the atmosphere that we would not be alive.... Life on this planet is an example of possible form of life, on this planet! It would be weird if our bodies were capable of life on other planets, then I would suspect we were actually aliens! Its as simple as that, its not a [censored] miracle, even if it is miraculous.

4. Choose you're own adventure