Michael Jackson wants to move to Berlin because he has fallen in love with the city, his father Joe told Germany's Bild newspaper Thursday.

The mass-circulation paper and several German dailies said the U.S. pop star, who dangled his baby from the railing of a fourth-floor hotel window on a 2002 visit, was fond of Berlin's zoo, the beauty of nearby Potsdam and supportive European fans.

"Michael Jackson is going to become a Berliner!" Bild wrote on top of its front page. "His father is already looking for a house. The King of Pop wants to move to Berlin -- his father tells Bild in an interview."

Joe Jackson told a news conference in Berlin Wednesday he planned to celebrate his 76th birthday in the German capital on Friday with several of his children and 1,000 fans. He said he hoped Michael would come but was uncertain if he would attend.

Last month a court in Santa Maria, California, acquitted the 46-year-old pop star of child sex abuse charges that had threatened to destroy his career. Jackson then went to the Gulf Arab country of Bahrain on a private visit to relax.

Another German newspaper, Die Welt, quoted an adviser named Shawn Andrews as saying Jackson definitely wanted to move to Europe because he felt he was being poorly treated at home and that he was also suffering from the after-effects of his trial.

"Michael wants to move to Europe," Andrews said. "He is positive about that. He feels at home in Berlin.

"No one in Germany ever let him down during the trial," he said. "Michael himself can't explain why he's fallen so deeply in love with Berlin."


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