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#15308 12/12/05 01:32 AM
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I dont know what I did but I screwed up something on my xp comp. I load into desktop and I have 5 seconds before it freezes. Ofcourse the mouse and keyboard still works and the windows task manager doesnt show anything suspicous.
Safe mode also freezes in 5 seconds, the interesting thing is that if I terminate explorer.exe and just run programs by selecting "new task (run)" from task manager it still works.

I think it was a virus because it started to crash while I was on the net alerting me that my comp was infected. I didnt have norton up on my computer at the time which Would have helped. I have scanned using adaware and spybot and they didnt fix the problem. A new program is on my computer called spy axe (which somehow installed itself on my computer).

If I put in the xp cd will I have the option to repair windows or something? I guess this is more of a rant then a request but any ideas will be apreciated. Im just glad that this didnt happen during university.

On a random side note: Im goin to see greenday on wed with 49999 other people. Of which I know 2.

#15309 12/12/05 05:41 AM
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Install hijackthis, boot into safe mode and run it using the task manager.

hijackthis notes from major geeks support forum
To install HijackThis properly it must be extracted from the ZIP file download and into its own folder where it can safely save backups and can be run by other user accounts if necessary. Do NOTrun Hijack This from the Desktop, a temp folder, or a sub-folder of C:\Documents and Settings, or choose to run it directly from the downloaded ZIP file.

Important: Also if you are using any kind of startup manager like MSConfig (or any other one), please allow all processes to load at startup (stop the startup manager from controlling which items startup) before running HijackThis. This allows us to see all potential problem software that may be on your PC. To disable: click Start, Run, and enter msconfig and click OK. Then in the msconfig window select Normal Startup. Click Apply and OK. Now reboot and then continue with the below.

Follow the steps below to install properly. If you already know how to create folders and unzip files, just skip down too Running HijackThis & Posting a Log Attachment.

Creating the C:\Program Files\HJT folder:

* Click START and select Explore
* Select the drive where Windows is installed (normally drive C)
* Navigate to the C:\Program Files folder and select it.
* Now click the on the top menu where it says File and then select New.
* Then select Folder
* A new folder is created and highlighted
* Just type HJT to overwrite the default name (New Folder)

To extract hijackthis.exe on WinXP systems without WinZip:

* Locate the file you downloaded and right click on it
* Select Extract All and click Next
* Browse your way to the C:\Program Files\HJT folder created above
* Select the folder and click Next

Using WinZip(assuming it is installed):

* Locate the file you downloaded and right click on it and select Extract to. This will open Winzip.
* Use the Folders/drives navigation pane to locate and select the C:\Program Files\HJT folder you previously created. After selecting it, make sure it shows in the Extract to: box.
* Click the Extract button

Running HijackThis & Posting a Log Attachment

* Before running HijackThis: You must be in normal boot mode and you should close each of the following:your web browser, e-mail client, instant messenger, and programs like notepad, wordpad, MS Word etc. And any other unnecessary running programs. Also disable msconfig or any other similar startup control programs.

* Run a scan with HijackThis and save your log file to the default .log extension type
* Now in your message window in your thread on Majorgeeks, click the Reply button to answer a message (or first start a new thread if one does not exist already).
* At the bottom of the message window click the Go Advanced button (if you do not see the Go Advanced button, you may already be in advanced mode. Just continue.)
* Scroll down a little until you see the Manage Attachments button and click it
* In the window that comes up click the Browse button and browse to the location on your PC where the hijackthis.log file is saved.
* Select it by double clicking on it.
* Then click the Upload button. Observe the messages in that Window you should either see that the file is attached or the could be an error message if you did something wrong.
* Then close that window and save your message

The try these

* Run Ccleaner with the default options to clean out temporary files. Only use the Default Scan on the Windows Tab and select Run Cleaner. Do not run any other options from other tabs.
* Run Ad-Aware SE and select Perform full system scanbox and allow it to fix all that it finds
* Run Spybot Search & Destroy and allow it to fix all that it finds. Make sure you use the Immunize feature and use the SDHelper function but do not use Teatimer.
* Run Microsoft Antispyware and allow it to fix all that it finds

Optional tools to scan with:

CWShredder run if you seem to have any CWS type infections. Make sure you select Fix
Kill2Me run if you have indications of a Look 2 Me parasite

Try these online virus scanners. I am guessing you can start a browser from the task manager. All should be done in safe mode with modem disconnected.

#15310 12/12/05 05:46 AM
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UGN Elite
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Oh I forgot, hijackthis can show you processes running the may be hidden from the taskmanager. it can also be used to kill services and delete registry keys. play with it a bit and I think you will see its power. It is not as dumbed down as adaware or SBSD, but it can show you your system pretty quick. You should also get microsofts spyware progy and update it then run.

Do not use the Teatimer function. It can be a resource hog and also makes removal of certain problems more difficult. Make sure you leave the SDhelper ( IE bad download blocker) checked to install (this is the default).

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