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While many of us use Windows Explorer on a regular basis to view and make changes to our systems, many of us never use the "My Computer" desktop icon. For those of us who like desktop shortcuts, why not make the "My Computer" icon launch Explorer when double-clicked?

A quick RegEdit makes short work of this problem. Remember, RegEdits can harm your system if you don't perform them correctly, so be sure to back up your data first!

Two-click Windows Explorer launch

1. Open your Registry Editor by clicking on your Start menu, clicking Run, and then typing "regedit" (no quotes) in the Open field.

2. Go to the following registry key.


3. Right-click and set the default value data to "Explorer."

4. Right-click and choose to create a new key with the name "Explorer."

5. In this subkey, once again create a new subkey with the name "Command."

6. In this subkey, right-click and set the default value data to "Explorer."

7. Close the Registry Editor.

You're all set. When you double-click "My Computer," you'll launch Windows Explorer. Happy day!

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