Album: NIN WITH TEETH halo 18
Genre: Industrial, dance, electronica
Rating: 5/5

Excelent. First of all it is a Dual Disc. What a bargin, DVD and CD for $15.00. I am a big NIN fan. I had collected all the halos(each album, single, video is numbers as halo X). This album is very nice. Instead of going harder with each album he branches out a bit. There is some very dancy songs, some hard thrashing songs, and some softer moments. Track 008 Only he ever sort of raps in a loose way.

The album over all seems to be a bif FU to authority in general. Many themes of big brother run through the songs. This will be a CD I keep with me for quite some time. If you get a chance I suggest you pick it up. The Chrolicle of his body of work on the DVD is worth it alone. You get to preview some songs from prior albums. Plus the music video for "The Hand that feeds" is on the DVD.

You can pick this up in vinyl also halo 19 v. This is probably his best work since Broken in my opinion. He really is branching out in this new album. Maybe it is because of he recent bout with heroin , whatever the reason the album is great.