I have managed to get a example of Ajax up and working.


It is nothing much but has every zip code in the US in it. Type in a zip and as soon as that element loses focus the city and state are populated from my database without the page reloading.

We all know what it is I guess. But I have been facinated by it or sometime. Now here is the snag for me. I have spent all this time learning PHP/MySQL and brushed off javascript like it was going to fade(as I thought it would). Now it seems it is the future of web design. I am looking for some easy fast tuts. I in return promise to share some cool web apps I develope.

I am mainly looking to create a cascading drop down using Ajax. So the code for each menu is not pulled until needed by "onClick" or "onMouseover".

I know this is advance so I need to learn Javascript and DOM level 1,2 and 3. Any links are welcome.