It's old news that brazil has a lot of hackers and they mostly do website defacements. But I was thinking, in a few years this might drastically change. Just think about it. In 2-3 years all these kiddies that are defacing windows 2000 boxes rite now will have learned more, maybe even grown up (maybe), and then there's gonna be trouble. Just like the american hacking scene has changed over the last few years and you hardly see any defacements worth mentioning, the brazilians might do the same and start getting into more serious things like identity theft, cc#s, viruses and worms, etc. I'm not saying that this is anything new either but it seems a little scary considering the large number of brazilian scrippt kiddies rite now. If even a forth of them go on to learn anything, there will be a lot of [censored] to deal with. Why I'm even talking about this is because, the more our companies get attacked, the stricter the rules are going to become. Rules for us, not for brazilians who they don't apply to.

and another thing. Have you guys noticed how retarted defacement are nowadays. I mean, 3-4 years ago when a big company got hit the hacker would have something funny to say, a political messages, a spoof of the websites, anything. now the most you get is "randomIdiot 0wn3d Ur Windows". oh well, just some thoughts from me.