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#22367 - 04/27/02 11:12 PM Multimedia Compression 30000:1  
Joined: Mar 2002
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Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 52
No its not a joke at all. This group of individuals fitted together a 1.9gb 3D and music packed Multimedia presentation into a 64k file with no quality drops of any kind, i picture quality is perfect.And if it isnt, you may hav to mess with the resolution a bit.

Compression Ratio: 30,000 to 1
Which is: 1.9 Gb's to 64 Kb's
If i remember there is about 8 tracks of music in it and it goes for a few minutes.

Check it out for yourself, it only take 2 second to download. Heh.

Download it Here

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#22368 - 04/27/02 11:54 PM Re: Multimedia Compression 30000:1  
Joined: Mar 2002
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Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 52
HEre the explanation i foudn on their website... .]][/URL].[/URL] This Following exlanation lpays at the end of the presentation anywayz, so if you cant be bothered readnig just watch the ****ing show. heh.

sie sahen
den neuen .farbrausch

.the .product

a demo in 64kb


.farbrausch consumer consulting

released at
the party 2000
final version (1.01)

hi, kb here... at the moment i'm
sitting at the party in front of my
pc and don't know what to write...
but we still have 7 kbytes to fill
and are seriously running out of ideas.
therefore, we waste that "precious"
space with senselessness at its best.
(und wer die size braucht hat es nicht
kapiert - ryg)

so let's start with the usual stuff any
decent end scroller has to feature:

.the product was designed
specifically for your pleasure
by our loyal employees

(demo, tool code and
making it possible)

(concept, graphics, 3d,
design, content and choreography)

(music, synthesizer,
additional code)

(additional tool code,
quality assurance)

(manufacturer of
the best shrink-wrap
machines around)

(additional demo code)

some facts about the product

in the past few minutes,
your computer was busy producing

66 colorful textures,
thats about 16 mb,
178 mb including
intermediate textures

15 minutes of sound
159 mb of wave data,
in about 12 tracks,
that totals to 850
million samples

80000 colored and
textured triangles
in 5.7 mb of static
vertex buffers,
not including animated

that's a grand total of 1.9 gb
of data, or a compression ratio
of 30000 to 1, if you want to
put it that way.

of course, the full soundtrack
is available on cd, mc and mp3, just
grab, encode and burn it. same
with vhs/mpeg/divx versions of this

the product makes you feel
the urge to greet

federation against nature
polka brothers
scala family staff
smash designs
the black lotus
the mekka symposium organiser team
the obsessed maniacs
the party

anyway, we hope that this little
demonstration convinced you to
buy the product. never forget,
the product will make you happy.

so don't hesitate, stop whining,
go find your local product dealer at

(c) farbrausch consumer consulting
at the party 2000.

you may press escape now.

obviously you didn't.
well, let's start with the fun part of
this scroller. not that i'd have the
slightest clue what to write in here,
but there's still plenty of memory to
fill up.

at the moment, the das saint concert is
running. i must say, the bass speakers
of this year's audio system are, like,
impressive. yeah. looking forward to
see this demo on the big screen. definitely.

ok, chaos taking over...

cool show! das saint just stand on the
stage and pretend to play thier instruments.

fiver2 just made the beta-version of the
data files, and i feel much safer now,
5 hours before the deadline. a few bugs,
some more lines of scrolltext, and we
should be done with this demo. i have
to continue my work now,

chaos signing off...

... uuuh (kb again) ... that was all?
they played some 15 minutes and left?

got it... it wasn't das saint, it was
some kind of support, uh, act, yeah,
well, whatever.

chaos told me, we're out of mem. i should
stop now.

enjoy the rest of these scenes. kb signing
off, have a good time and enjoy your product.

(chaos back on keyboard)

i was wrong, there is still memory left,
and ascii packs quite well. now das saint
are playing, and we hear scooterisch ****
instead of cheap techno. at least they
try to motivate the audience. i have a
look then...

cool, they have girls. i guess it won't
work without. doesn't work with. anyway.
at least the bass paints nice moire
pattern on my monitor. lets degauss.


thomas is still working hard, but i
have nothing to do until the next
bug comes around. that shouldn't
take too long. well, i am
signing off again.

ha, 65536 bytes reached.

(p.s. final versions should
be smaller than party versions!)

#22369 - 04/28/02 12:13 AM Re: Multimedia Compression 30000:1  
Joined: Mar 2002
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Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 122
There is an even better one by them..
man how!?!?!?

#22370 - 04/28/02 06:41 AM Re: Multimedia Compression 30000:1  
Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 52
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Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 52
i had an argument with my mates about it, and its not an actual compreseeion so to speak. its more and a large script that uses your computer to generate everything. Still thats pretty dam big.

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