Firstly I'd like to thank all of you who have taken the time to donate to UGN Security. Donations can be anything from old hardware to cold hard cash; and even time.

In the past your donations have assisted us with:
x. Web Hosting
x. Domain Registration (10 years on; still looking to renew others eventually as well)
x. UBB.Classic Gold License (Lifetime access to upgrades)
x. HostNuke has provided hosting for free in exchange for advertising; this is one of the best donations that we have received to date as it greatly eases the financial burden that comes with running UGN Security.

In the future you can look forward to our donations assisting us with:
x. Additional domain renewal length; eventually I'd like to have all of the UGN related domains renewed for 10 additional years so that we don't have to worry about scraping the cash to renew them every year (yes $8 isn't that expensive however for 10+ domains it does stack up) (Approx cost: ~$800 (8 dollars * 10 years * 10 domains)).
x. Additional UBB.Threads License (Gold Preferably); UBB.Threads is a version of the Ultimate Bulletin Board coded in PHP and MySQL; this would be used for some internal projects. (Approx Cost: ~725 USD)
x. We've made plans to have a data server built to store data for the site; this will mean that users will (eventually) have the ability to dump files on an FTP server for the use of all members. Note that any illegal content on the FServ will result in your immediate subnet ban. (Approx cost ~$1500 USD)

I'll be sure to post here with any further information on projected projects. Please note that you can donate to UGN Security at anytime via the link on the main page as well as the button at the bottom of the forum.

We survive from user donations, advertising, and the cafepress store. Unfortunately advertising and the cafepress store only provide enough for standard site costs and don't provide enough to assist with the projects mentioned above.

For those of you who are wondering, I still owe people about a total of $4000 for the initial UGN Security purchase from BlackBeard; I've yet to acquire funds addiquette enough to pay off the original debts.

I'd like to specifically thank:
x. SilentRage, Sin, Infinite for hosting the UGN Security IRCD; without you all UGN would have surely went under.
x. Ghost; You've done a lot to help UGN; from working hard on the Archive to working with the "old board" posts, to even doing a lot of administration on the forums (yes your admins will be re-instated when you have time to work the forums again).
x. Learner, wherever you are; You've been the thelma to my louise through all of my money making schemes; granted they've never really worked out as planned due to time constraints, I really appreciate all of your help. I also appreciate your help with the various coding issues that we've had all over the site that you've helped me with.
x. Neo; you haven't been as dedicated as you once where and I miss seeing you around all the time; I know that when things get hectic we just want to yell at you, but you're still my favorite coder (when you have time anyway)...
x. Digital-Domain; you hosted the IRCD for about 2 months until your soup Nazi landlord started idling and abusing your ircops to "patrol" the server without permission; although she was a total b***h I don't hold it against you.
x. To all the members, new and old; you are what keeps UGN Security a place to come to for knowledge; without you there would be nothing here. I know that, at times, things can get really slow; but, for the most part, you all keep at it and I'm proud of every one of you who takes the time out of your day to help patrol the boards and post conversations.

Donate to UGN Security here.
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