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Don't buy from
#25301 03/11/05 08:47 PM
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Last Week I made the mistake of ordering several electronics kits from, an online Electronics supply store. After waiting patiently for six days, I was curious as to the condition of my order. I discovered that not only have they not even shipped my order, they didn't even bill my account. Wondering as to why my order was delayed and why they didn't even bother to contact me, I wrote them the following email:

I would like to know what is going on with my order. Other then this confirmation (basically the 'sales recipt' email they sent me Saturday)I have recieved nothing from your company, and at the moment my order has yet to arrive. I have been waiting patiently, and am now upset by the fact that you have yet to even charge me for the order. Working on a rather limited time frame, I am displeased with the prospect of having to wait another week to recieve my order. If there as an issue with my order I would like to know why I was not properly informed. Depending on when it is set to arrive I may have to cancel my order all together due to time constraints, but I hope we can work this out in a civilized manner.

My Name
To which the douche bag sales rep simply replied:
Your order is shipping today
Gee Thanks, so I have to threaten to cancel my entire order (a paltry $30) inorder to get a response back from these guys. Not even an explanation as to why the delay happened, or an apology. What kind of customer service department do they have.

The moral of this story is don't order from these shitbags, they don't have any idea how to run their company.

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Re: Don't buy from
#25302 03/12/05 03:04 AM
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Very sad indeed; pretty decent site too lol

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