Over the past week i believe i have acted somewhat of an idiot.
Both staff members j and Digital Geek had corrected me during several incorrect posts/posting procedures of mine.

I, however, instead of handling this critisism as a mature, rashional UGN member acted out... well... like a tool.

Both members are Senior UGN Admin staff. Apart from commiting the mortal sin of arguing with staff, i also chose to ignore the unwritten rule of seniority on the boards.

To make matters worse, both members were totally within reason to point out my short comings.

For everything iv done, i am trully sorry.
I can only hope that in time both j and Digital Geek will forgive me.

I also accept full responsibility for my actions and any punishment i have to endure.

Let this be a guide to all n00bs on the board. Give respect where respect is due.


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