I have mostly forgotten what this was about, but i think it might be funny later on. Unless you are someone that doesn't find things funny.

<ColdSunn> do you know a simple image flip?
<ColdSunn> this html goodies one is bs
<SephiroX> ?
<ColdSunn> and the one generated by image ready is too long and not as editable as i would like
<ColdSunn> i need a think where when you hover over the image, it changes
<ColdSunn> then changes back
<ColdSunn> when you are not hovering over it i mean
<SephiroX> ohhhh
<ColdSunn> yeah
<SephiroX> no lcue where
<ColdSunn> and i already made the images to flip to...
<SephiroX> lol
<ColdSunn> lol
<SephiroX> clue*
<ColdSunn> thanks
<SephiroX> o problem
<SephiroX> no*
<ColdSunn> * ColdSunn searches for a site that uses this but does it the cheap way
<ColdSunn> lmao..
<ColdSunn> the first link off google besides the advertised one..
<SephiroX> lol
<ColdSunn> is the htmlgoodies one that doesn't work
<SephiroX> lol
<ColdSunn> and the second link is the dual image flip that i don't need over at htmlgoodies of course
<ColdSunn> You searched on "image flip" Displaying results 0 - 10 of 24
<ColdSunn> oh yeah!
<ColdSunn> 24
<ColdSunn> w00t
<ColdSunn> well then..
<ColdSunn> javascript is officially bullshit
<ColdSunn> all of it
<ColdSunn> god damnit..
<ColdSunn> all these image ready settings are [censored]
<ColdSunn> it is like it enjoys it when i can't move stuff because it is behind other stuff i can't move
<ColdSunn> some kind of shitty puzzle
<ColdSunn> javascript = lies
<ColdSunn> i am just going to use ir to make 9 different pages each with their own image flip
<ColdSunn> creating 18 new images
<ColdSunn> and 9 pages
<ColdSunn> then combine all the pages into one fat [censored] one
<ColdSunn> [censored] [censored] javascript needs to lighten up the way html does
<ColdSunn> yeah this doesn't suck at all
<SephiroX> whats a good site for game reviews
<ColdSunn> your [censored]
<SephiroX> k
<ColdSunn> .com
<SephiroX> heh, yourass.com is a game review site
<ColdSunn> http://gamespot.com
<ColdSunn> lmao
<ColdSunn> really?
<SephiroX> no
<ColdSunn> lol
<ColdSunn> oj
<ColdSunn> oh
<ColdSunn> damn...
<ColdSunn> oj would be good right about now