Well, I'm bored as always so I've decided to tell you about a program that I stumbled accross (blaime conley, its always conleys fault!)...

Well, the program is called KlipFolio .

Basically this program will allow you to read RSS and XML feeds through this program. A LOT of differant sites use XML output (search google for XML News or XML Syndication) so you can syndicate their content.

UGN uses KlipFolio for our Bulletin Board (The Klip is available Here . Our news will also export to an xml file to which we'll release a Klip document for you at that time (we have it done we're just waiting on Cat).

You can download Klips for KlipFolio at KlipFarm . We reccommend snagging the one titled UGN Security Bulletin Board .

Sites which use KlipFarm are:
Wired News
Ebay (you can list the status of any 5 items at once)
(and many more, you can even create them from sites that allow syndication).

Well, thats my little blog for the day.

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