Manufacturer: Sierra Games, CodeMasters, Norseman Games
Title: The Realm Online

Rating: 3/5
Price: $5/mo

I've been playing this game since 1995 sith no real regrets. This is a great game with extremely good uptimes. Except for the lack in graphics (it's originally created for windows 95, go figure) and the crappy staff (Hi Gidget!) it's a great community.

The new staff of Norseman Games has actually done a lot where Codemasters left off, in the beginning we were "promised" an update a month to get everything to look good and be forever changing. With Norseman Games we've seen so many changes that we can't even write about them...

One of the updates of the past years involve new armor, another is some new areas where even a level 1000 (top level) giant (barbarian, strongest class) has trouble not being killed... In fact, when you die you loose items/experiance on your character but you at least get the option to stay and fight again in hopes to get your sruff back, or go home...

I know that most of you aren't into older Graphical MMORPG's but this one will always remain a classic in my heart, even if there have been some changes that not too many people like, but hey, it's still cheaper than everquest...

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