Title: Bullet Proof FTP Client 2.43
Author: BulletProof
URL: http://www.bpftp.com/

Rating: 4/5
Well we we using CuteFTP prior to testing this FTP program out... The version prior to this made us decide to use BPFTP every chance that we could get...

This FTP client is better with being able to tell the differance from ASCII and Binary types and uploading them as so than any other client we've tested out before.

This client's UI is very user friendly and is quite easy to edit your addressbook for all of your servers.

We have about 40 servers and logins plugged into the client and it still ran fine and looked as good as it did with none plugged in.

All in all if you're deciding on using a new FTP client I definately would sugguest giving this one a go, why not since they offer a free trial...

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