EggDisk is a free file hosting and storage site which boasts the ability to store any type of files (Archives (Zip, Rar, GZ, etc), txt, mp3, wav, etc) in a user allotted environment. You're given the ability to manage your files through a web based UI as well as operate an online photo gallery.

You're allowed to link to your files from 3rd party sites (Online portals such as MySpace, free web hosts such as TriPod and Amazon, etc) and best of all, its free!

Storage Options:
EggDisk currently offers its users two storage options:
Anonymous Users wishing to not subscribe can upload files up to 20mb in size for free and without registration.

Registered users (registration takes just moments) can upload up to 4gb worth of files (150mb file size limit) to their allotted space.

Through discussions with the EggDisk staff suggests that future plans for "paid subscribers" (more disk space) are coming in the future.

The Specifics:
Free Account: 30gb transfer per month, 4gb space, 150mb file size limit, no extension limit.
Anonymous: 30gb transfer (on file), 20mb file size limit, limited extensions (.jpg .jpeg .gif .png).

File and User Security:
We've been able to find out that user passwords are stored in encrypted hashes on registration and that user files are encrypted once on the server.

Our Take:
We quite enjoy playing with new online services and we weren't let down with this one, the UI is easy enough for a child to use, and the space allotted is well enough to suit our needs for just about any project that we could think of...

You're given the ability to set permissions ("make public" or "make private") on various folders as to allow (or revoke) public viewing of your content.

One of my favorite sections on EggDisk is the ability to list all subscribed users who are sharing public content, it gives one the ability to see what various users are into without having to actually get to know them.

Unlike several online storage services (not to be mentioned) users retain all rights to their content once "on server" (versus forgetting their ownership over files once stored "on server" like some other (shotty) services).

The EggDisk rules (ToS/AuP) are fairly simple to follow (no warez, no illegal content, non-commercial use, no copyright content, etc) and are basic common sense in todays online world (please refer to the EggDisk Privacy Policy, AUP, and ToS for more information).

I recommend that if you're looking for a free service for online storage that you check out EggDisk , you won't be disappointed.

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