Title: CCProxy
Version: 6.0
Author: Youngzsoft
URL: http://www.youngzsoft.net/ccproxy/index.html

Rating: 5/5
I've tried just about all meathod's of connection sharing on differant connections... I prefer a router, but on 56k there is only so much you can do... I decided finally that I'd have to go back to using a proxy. Knowing how much crap is packaged with proxy installations now adays I was quite weary. I wanted something that would work, very well, which would allow authentication for having user accounts, as well as be as compact as possible...

My pick of all the software I ran through is CCProxy. The installer is under a meg (814k), which means it's fairly compact. It supports user accounts and can also be set to allow any connections (even from an ip range). The freeware version supports up to 3 users which is more than enough for most people. You can also have a time list of when users can connect to the proxy, which is good for parents. It even comes with a content filter...

The licensing fee is $69, but I feel that is well worth it for all the features that come jammed in this package...

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