I have a Compaq iPaq Home Internet Appliance IA-1 (retail $699) (its an "Internet applience"). I am asking $350 for it, its brand new, it was only used for a month or so.

If you're interested please feel free to email me at Gizmo[at]undergroundnews[dot]com and I'll "haggle" with you there.

[Linked Image]

COMPAQ iPAQ Home Internet Appliance IA-1
P/N - 178358-001
UPC - 720591355210
Dimensions & Weights (H x W x D)
Unit 5" x 10.75" x 9" (5.8 lbs.)
Unit package: 10.75" x 13.25" x 11.5" (10.9 lbs.)

Standard Features
56K V.90 internal modem
Wireless keyboard
Instant-on Internet access
Powered by MSN™ Companion

Operating System
MSN™Companion which provides content and Internet Access through MSN(1)

32 MB SDRAM, 16 MB flash memory

10.1" DSTN flat panel color display
800 x 600 dpi resolution

Single mono speaker built-in
Optional JBL Platinum Series stereo speakers (I don't presently have them)
Streaming audio and video over the Internet with Microsoft® Windows® Media Player

Compaq Internet Button Suite
Button driven operation and one-touch buttons take you directly to your favorite Internet activities.
As you can see its just your standard internet companion. The maker is Compaq and its like new.

I've heard from Weeve that its easy to modify it for standard keyboard/mouse and a hard drive. Its rather small but has a nice display.

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