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#3078 - 03/02/04 03:09 PM best computer books out there  
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Joined: Jun 2002
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so lately i've been spending some time at b&n...seeing all the books i wish i could afford. but everytime i'm there, i always see at least 4 different books relating to the same topic. which is great...except...i know that one of those books is gonna be a best buy. and when spending $50 per book i'd definately like to know i'm getting the most for my money. after much searching for sites that have reviews, i've only managed to come across craptacular summaries, such liek those on amazon, or sites with such a horrible setup, it'd take days just to find a book i'm looking for. so i decided, why not ask some ppl who are reading these books for the same reason i am. to glean as much information from them as possible. i'd liek to hear any book recommendations any of you have on any book tech related. programming, networking, internet, security, linux, windows, snort, apache, cryptography, certifications...anything. hell, if you read a good book about ebay, let me know. if you've read a horrible book, let me know as well. one of my concerns that's really forcing me to do this, is actually cert books. i'm trying to find books that give me a nice balance between brevity and knowledge. of course knowledge is more important, i'm also trying to get some certifications fairly soon. i fear the last book i got was too brief, albeit 600 pages. so yes...any good recommendations for any computer books, and any bad ones as well, so i know what to stear clear of.

some of my recommendations:
Hacking Exposed Fourth Edition
Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days
How to Program C++ 3rd Edition by Deitel and Deitel
Art of Deception

Some others (Reviews):
Intrusion Detection: An Introduction to Internet Surveillance, Correlation, Trace Back, Traps, and Response...pretty good book, but not what i was looking for. it goes into IDS models and theory and almost no tech details. while i did enjoy reading it, i just wish there had been somethign tangible in it, as opposed to just...ideas and schematics.

Hack Proofing your Network: good book...but not enough information for the $50. however, if you read hacking exposed then this one. this one will take some of the topics discussed in hacking exposed, and go into detail. the only problem is that while it's more detailed, it contains less topics.

Sams Teach Yourself Linux in 24 hours
sure, sams books are geared more towards shortness and getting to the point. but this book gave no detail at all. i'd only recommend this to the true beginner who is just geting his feet wet. and even then, a lot of the book is based on the distro of linux that comes with it, caldera. while i understand most of this will be universally the same for linux...i knwo it's not alway the case, and i'd appreciate a book that talks about linux, doesn't focus mostly on one distro, unless it specifically says so, such as the red hat and fedora books.

The Slackware linux book...i forget it's name, the one off their website...but i don't think it's really worth it. most of what's in it, the person using slack really should already know. unless it's your first distro, you will knwo most of it. and if it is your first distro, i'd recommend getting a book that'll give you more details on linux. the only good part, was a few small slackware specific items...but that stuff can be found online.

Unix Unbound...extremely old book...but such a good book concerning unix/linux systems. i got it for 50 cents at building 19 1/2...cna't beat a price like that. i'd pay more for it too. has lots of unix commands and explains what they well as going into using the shell...things like piping and redirection.

that's about all i can think of right now.//

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#3079 - 03/02/04 06:53 PM Re: best computer books out there  
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Joined: Mar 2002
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Pimpin the Colorizzle
Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days is a waste of time and money.

C++: How to Program, by Deitel and Deitel, is, in my opinion, the best book for learning C++. DEFINITELY worth checking out to see if it suits your style. I think it's in like the 5th or 6th edition now (I've got the 2nd edition, and that's from 5 or 6 years ago), so look for a more recent copy.

Bruce Eckel wrote what I believe is the best book for learning Java, and it's a highly regarded work in the Java world. He also wrote a C++ book before the Java book, and I imagine that it's of the same caliber. Best of all, he offers his books online for free.

I also used to have this book called Using C++ which was really good. You might look around for that. Can't go wrong with the Deitel book though.

#3080 - 03/02/04 07:04 PM Re: best computer books out there  
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Visual Quickstart Guides are [censored] awesome...

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#3081 - 03/03/04 01:41 AM Re: best computer books out there  
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Joined: Mar 2002
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Canada eh
Anything O'Reilly is generally pretty good too. I own:

Running Linux - Great intro linux
Learning the Bash Shell - Bash completely dismantled and explained
802.11 Wireless Networks - More than you wanted to know about Wi-Fi
Programming Perl - The Camel IS THE perl book
Cisco Cookbook - OMFG configs for damn near everthing

Other books in my collection include:

VoIP Fundamentals (Cisco press - imo bad book),
Beginning C (Ivor Horton, wrox pub - Haven' had time to read this yet)
CCNA study guide (Todd Lamle, Sybex pub - great covererage of the CCNA exam. Lamle is a great author too)
A+ Certification (Mike Meyers - I passed the test, need I say more?)
Network+ (Mike Meyers - liked the A+ better)

And some Prometric publication called "running lunix, using unix" or something to that effect. I lent it out and don't have it near me. It sucks [censored] anyways. Infact, I have yet to see a good prometric book. I had their 802.11 book as it was a text for on of my classes, and promptly returned it in favor of the O'Reilly one.

I also have read the Sybex CCNP books, and the Cisco press practical studies CCNP books. Those are both equally good.


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