Well, one of the many options given to us as of the UBB.Classic cancelation is migrating to UBB.Threads, the "next gen" product has been called off as a UBB.Classic/UBB.Threads "upgradable" product and is now listed as a UBB.Threads upgrade.

All UBB.Classic licenses have already been converted to UBB.Threads; so I figure, hey, why not try her out...

I've gone ahead and installed UBB.Threads at:

Note that this will be a TEMPORARY site, all current information has been moved over however, but this can, at any time, be invalid and removed!

All current posts, users, moderators AND PM's have been moved over; so theres no need to sign up if you already have an account, just go login!

I'll be adding a robots.txt rule to deny the directory from being crawled as it is not to be considered a continued resource (and I don't want the information crawled as it has every chance to not be there for long)...

Go check it out; I'll be working on some themes/styles in the coming weeks just to play around, so it will change hehe...

And for note:
UBB.Classic = Flat File & Perl Based.
UBB.Thread = MySQL & PHP Based (zlib enabled)

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