The stats scripts have been updated to show the proper information for the IRC Servers. Currently we only have 2 (IRC3/IRC5 or Sin/Gizmo).

We haven't heard any definate informtaion reguarding IRC2 (Infinite) however IRC1 and IRC4 are down indefinately (at least until we get another host).

The stats scripts are now no longer displaying the status of IRC1/2/4 as it's redundant to hae it displayed if they're not coming back wink .

As for the scripting upgrade; I've been swamped with numerous side projects however I do have a nice looking CSS layout done and will likely resume the layout portion sometime later this summer and likely have something for everyone before summers end.

We've recieved an offer for free hosting of a dedicated server due to our affiliation with HostNuke , we have a nice topic on "what would we do with a dedicated server" in the General section.

Also, until further notice the "If it's dead, leave it be" rule is no longer being enforced on any threads. We do ask however that you bring something useful to a topic that's been dead for a few months.

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